1972 - Paris, FR
Radio broadcasts
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1972-03-13 + 1972-06-16 - Paris, FR - broadcasts - fm (16m)
Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, Francois Cahen, Teddy Lasry, Yochk'O Seffer, Francis Moze, Rene' Garber

1972-03-13 - Paris, FR - Maison De L'O.R.T.F.:
1) Mekanik Kommandoh (5:48)
1972-06-16 - Pantin (Paris), FR - Radio France-Inter (broadcast June 18th 1972):
Mekanik Kommandoh (10:31) *

* [Cuts in].

Source: low gen cassette > wav > flac.
[MAGMA ORTF Broadcasts 1972] Shared as torrent on Dime by Olvator.
No SBE's - True lossless source.
"Here we have the two available FM tapes from 1972. - Both of them very enjoyable early versions of Mekanik. - I recently discovered that the March 72 broadcast also included an additional interview of about 10 mintutes".
Shows and recordings listed on Ork Alarm website which lists the March 13th 1972 ORTF broadcast as a TV show.

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